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The Best Makeup Brush Cleaners

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is essential for maintaining healthy skin and achieving flawless makeup application. Here are the best makeup brush cleaners on the market that are sure to keep your tools in top condition.

Liquid Brush Cleaners

Liquid brush cleaners are convenient and easy to use. They come in spray or bottle form and are typically used by dispensing a small amount onto a paper towel or microfiber cloth and then swirling the brush bristles in the solution. One of the top liquid brush cleaners on the market is the BeautyBlender Liquid BlenderCleanser. This gentle formula effectively removes makeup residue and bacteria from your brushes, leaving them clean and soft.

  • BeautyBlender Liquid BlenderCleanser
  • Sephora Collection Brush Cleaner
  • Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

Solid Brush Cleaners

Solid brush cleaners are a great option for travel and are less messy than liquid formulas. They typically come in the form of a bar soap or a cleansing balm that you can swirl your brushes in to create a lather. The BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser is a top pick for its powerful yet gentle formula that effectively removes buildup and residue from your brushes.

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  • BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser
  • Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Balm
  • Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo

Makeup Brush Shampoos

Makeup brush shampoos are specifically formulated to deep clean your brushes and remove stubborn makeup residue. These shampoos often come in larger bottles and can be diluted with water for a thorough cleaning. The Sigma Beauty SigMagic Brushampoo is a fan-favorite for its gentle yet effective formula that leaves brushes feeling soft and clean.

  • Sigma Beauty SigMagic Brushampoo
  • Morphe Brush Cleansing Balm
  • IT Cosmetics Brush Bath Purifying Brush Cleaner

DIY Brush Cleaners

If you prefer to make your own brush cleaner at home, there are several DIY options that can effectively clean your brushes. One popular DIY brush cleaner recipe includes a mixture of gentle soap, olive oil, and warm water. Simply swirl your brushes in the solution and rinse thoroughly to remove buildup and residue.

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  • Gentle soap, olive oil, and warm water
  • Castile soap and coconut oil
  • Baby shampoo and apple cider vinegar

Regardless of the type of brush cleaner you choose, it is important to regularly clean your brushes to prevent bacteria buildup and maintain the quality of your makeup application. With the right brush cleaner, you can ensure that your brushes are clean, soft, and ready for flawless makeup application.

Investing in a good brush cleaner is essential for maintaining healthy skin and achieving flawless makeup application. Whether you prefer a liquid, solid, shampoo, or DIY brush cleaner, there are plenty of options available to suit your preferences and cleaning needs. With regular cleaning, your makeup brushes will stay in excellent condition, ensuring that your makeup always looks its best.

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