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In this fanfic, we explore a world where Hoseok has captured the heart of the King, but after an “accident,” the King’s heart shifts to another man. The story includes strong language, violence, and a boyxboy relationship, as well as mentions of self-harm.

The King’s Heart

The fanfic delves into the complicated relationship between the King and Hoseok. It explores the depth of their connection and the impact of the “accident” that changes everything.

BoyXBoy Relationship

The story features a romantic relationship between two men, Hoseok and the King. It goes into the complexities of their love and the challenges they face in a world where their love is not accepted by everyone.

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The fanfic includes scenes of violence, adding a layer of intensity and danger to the story. It heightens the stakes for the characters and the challenges they must overcome.

Mentions of Self-Harm

The fanfic touches on the sensitive topic of self-harm, adding a layer of depth to the characters and their emotional struggles. It is a poignant aspect of the story that explores the characters’ inner turmoil.

The King’s heart belonged to one man, Hoseok, and their love seemed unbreakable. However, after an “accident” that changes everything, the King’s heart finds another. The fanfic explores the aftermath of this shift and the impact it has on all involved.

The bond between the King and Hoseok is at the core of the story. It is a love that defies norms and expectations, and the “accident” that alters everything puts this bond to the test. The emotional depth of their relationship is a central theme in the fanfic.

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The boyxboy relationship is a significant aspect of the fanfic, delving into the complexities and challenges of their love. It portrays a relationship that is not widely accepted in their world, adding an extra layer of conflict and tension to the story.

The fanfic also includes scenes of violence, adding an element of danger and intensity to the plot. This violence serves to heighten the stakes for the characters and adds to the challenges they must overcome.

Additionally, the fanfic touches on the sensitive topic of self-harm, shedding light on the characters’ emotional struggles. It adds a poignant and heartfelt layer to the story, exploring the characters’ inner turmoil and the impact it has on their lives.

In conclusion, this fanfic offers a compelling and intense exploration of love, heartbreak, and the complexities of relationships. The strong language, violence, boyxboy relationship, and mentions of self-harm add depth and emotion to the story, making it a captivating read for fans of the genre.

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