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Gustav Klimt: A Brief Biography

Gustav Klimt, an Austrian artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was a pivotal figure in the Vienna Secession and Art Nouveau movement. His works, known for their sensuality and exploration of themes such as love and death, were heavily influenced by a wide range of artistic styles, including Egyptian, Classical Greek, Byzantine, and Medieval.

The Sunflower 1907: A Giclee Print

“The Sunflower 1907” is one of Klimt’s most iconic paintings, and this giclee print captures its vibrant beauty while also adding a vintage character and ambiance. Printed on premium archival textured matte paper, the print allows for smooth, delicate tonal gradations, enhancing the visual experience.

Available Sizes and Shipping

The print is available in several sizes to fit standard frames, and custom sizes can be requested. It will be carefully shipped from a California studio to ensure it arrives in pristine condition, protected with a clear plastic sleeve or tissue paper and nestled inside a sturdy photo-mailer or cardboard mailing tube for larger prints.

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Frame and Mat Not Included

Please note that frames and mats are not included with the print. The frame and mat shown in the photo are for illustration purposes only, allowing customers to visualize how the print might look when displayed.

Copyright and Ownership

The listing emphasizes that the material, including the design, artwork, images, photographs, and text, is owned by or licensed to Rosie’s Vintage Prints. Customers are advised that copying, reproducing, distributing, or displaying the material without written permission is prohibited.

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