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Beautiful Faux Eucalyptus and Greenery Quart Size Mason Jar Centerpieces

Glassy Gal presents a stunning original design with these faux eucalyptus and greenery quart size mason jar centerpieces. Perfect for a variety of events such as weddings, baby showers, parties, corporate events, and holiday events, these centerpieces are also a perfect addition to any room in your home or office.

Features of the Centerpieces

Each centerpiece comes with a set of warm white LED fairy lights, a jute bow, and a deluxe faux greenery arrangement. The deluxe faux greenery arrangement includes three tall eucalyptus stems and three short silver dollar faux eucalyptus branches with white seeds.

Dimensions and Shipping

The clear quart size mason jars are approximately 6.25″ tall, or around 17″ with the greenery. The LED fairy lights last for 24 continuous hours before needing to change batteries, and extra batteries are included. To ensure the centerpieces arrive intact for your event, they are shipped unassembled in full protective and professional packaging via USPS priority mail.

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Maintenance and Care

It’s important to note that the centerpieces should not be exposed to or submerged in water, and they can be cleaned with a damp cloth only.

Where to Find Glassy Gal’s Creations

For more lighted jar options and other listings by Glassy Gal, you can visit the shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlassyGalDecor.

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In summary, Glassy Gal’s faux eucalyptus and greenery quart size mason jar centerpieces are a versatile and beautiful addition to any event or home décor. With their warm white LED fairy lights, jute bows, and deluxe faux greenery arrangements, these centerpieces are sure to impress. And with the option to purchase extra batteries and easy assembly upon receiving them, they are a convenient and stunning choice for any occasion. Thank you for considering Glassy Gal’s creations for your next event or home décor needs!

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