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The Art of Capturing Natural Light: Q&A with Flytographer Kelly

As a Flytographer in Victoria, British Columbia, Kelly has a unique talent for capturing beautiful moments in natural light. In this Q&A, she shares her insights and experiences as a photographer, providing valuable tips for aspiring photographers and travelers alike.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

For Kelly, photography has always been a passion. She was inspired by the beauty of nature and the ability to capture fleeting moments in time. She loves the way photography allows her to tell a story through images, and she is constantly seeking new ways to express herself creatively through her work.

How do you approach a photoshoot with natural light?

When it comes to shooting in natural light, Kelly emphasizes the importance of timing and location. She pays close attention to the position of the sun and how it affects the lighting in her photos. By choosing the right time of day and finding a location with interesting light patterns, she is able to create stunning images that highlight her subjects in the best possible way.

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What are some tips for capturing the best natural light in photos?

– Pay attention to the quality of light: Soft, diffused light is ideal for portraits, while harsh light can create unflattering shadows.
– Use reflectors and diffusers to control the direction and intensity of light.
– Experiment with different angles and compositions to find the most flattering light for your subject.
– Don’t be afraid to shoot during golden hour, when the light is warm and soft, creating a magical atmosphere in your photos.
– Practice patience and be willing to wait for the perfect lighting conditions before taking your shot.

What are some of your favorite locations to shoot in Victoria, British Columbia?

– Beacon Hill Park: This beautiful park offers a variety of natural backdrops, from lush gardens to scenic ocean views.
– Inner Harbour: The bustling waterfront area is perfect for capturing the vibrant energy of the city.
– Dallas Road: With its stunning views of the ocean and mountains, this scenic road is a popular spot for photoshoots.
– Hatley Castle: This historic castle provides a picturesque backdrop for elegant and timeless photos.

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What advice do you have for travelers looking to book a photoshoot with Flytographer?

Kelly recommends communicating with your photographer before the shoot to discuss your vision and expectations. Be open to trying new things and trust your photographer’s expertise. Most importantly, relax and have fun during the shoot – the best photos are often captured when you’re feeling natural and at ease.

By following these tips and insights from Kelly, aspiring photographers can learn how to harness the power of natural light in their own work. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Kelly continues to inspire and captivate with her stunning photography in Victoria, British Columbia.

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