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When you’re a celebrity, every move you make is scrutinized by the public and the paparazzi. As a result, many famous faces have come up with creative ways to hide from photographers in order to maintain their privacy. From wearing disguises to using decoy cars, these celebs have tried it all.

Wearing Disguises

One of the most common ways that celebrities try to avoid being photographed is by wearing disguises. Paris Hilton, for example, has been known to wear wigs, hats, and sunglasses in order to throw off the paparazzi. By changing her appearance, she is able to blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed.

Using Decoy Cars

Another tactic that celebrities use to avoid photographers is by employing decoy cars. These are vehicles that look similar to their own, but are driven by someone else. This allows the celebrity to sneak away in a different car while the paparazzi follow the decoy.

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Hiring Body Doubles

Cara Delevingne has taken a more extreme approach to hiding from photographers by hiring body doubles. These look-alikes are tasked with confusing the paparazzi by posing as the actress in public. By doing so, Cara is able to slip away unnoticed.

Escaping Through Back Exits

Sometimes, celebrities simply need to make a quick getaway in order to avoid the cameras. To do this, they often use back entrances and exits to sneak out of venues without being seen. This allows them to avoid the paparazzi altogether.

Using Umbrellas and Scarves

Another popular method for hiding from photographers is by using umbrellas or scarves to shield their faces. By holding these items in front of them, celebs are able to block the cameras and maintain their anonymity. This trick has been used by stars like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

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Going Incognito

In some cases, celebrities go to extreme lengths to hide from photographers by going incognito. This may involve wearing large sunglasses, hoodies, and even masks in order to avoid being recognized. By concealing their identities, these stars are able to move about freely without attracting unwanted attention.

Overall, celebrities have come up with a variety of creative ways to hide from photographers in order to protect their privacy. Whether it’s wearing disguises, using decoy cars, or hiring body doubles, these famous faces will stop at nothing to avoid the paparazzi’s lenses. By employing these tactics, they are able to maintain a sense of normalcy in their everyday lives despite living in the spotlight.

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