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Many people dream of living the glamorous life of a celebrity, walking the red carpet, attending exclusive events, and being adored by fans all over the world. However, not all celebrities have the luxury of spending their days lounging by the pool or jet-setting around the globe. In fact, some celebrities find themselves working nine to five just like the rest of us, whether they like it or not.

Celebrities Who Have Regular Nine to Five Jobs

One celebrity who has traded in the glitz and glamour for a regular nine to five job is former child star Macaulay Culkin. After making a name for himself as a child actor in films like “Home Alone” and “My Girl,” Culkin stepped away from the spotlight and now works a regular job at a pizza restaurant in New York City. He has been open about his decision to leave Hollywood behind and live a more low-key life.

Another celebrity who has opted for a more traditional work schedule is former “Saved by the Bell” star Dustin Diamond. Diamond, who played the lovable nerd Screech on the popular ’90s sitcom, now works as a sales representative for a Wisconsin-based company. After facing some legal troubles and financial difficulties, Diamond has embraced his new career and is focused on rebuilding his life.

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Celebrities Who Balance Nine to Five Jobs with Their Hollywood Careers

While some celebrities have left Hollywood behind completely, others have found a way to balance their nine to five jobs with their acting careers. One such celebrity is “Orange is the New Black” star Diane Guerrero, who works as a waitress in addition to her acting work. Guerrero has been open about the challenges of juggling two careers, but she remains committed to both.

Another celebrity who has managed to balance a regular job with a successful acting career is “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston. Before landing his breakout role as Walter White, Cranston worked as a video producer for a dating game show. Even after finding success in Hollywood, Cranston continued to work on the show until it was canceled in 2000.

Why Some Celebrities Choose to Work Nine to Five

There are a variety of reasons why some celebrities choose to work a regular nine to five job. For some, it may be a way to escape the pressures of fame and live a more normal life. For others, it may be a financial necessity, especially if their acting career has hit a rough patch.

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Working a regular job can also provide celebrities with a sense of purpose and fulfillment outside of their acting careers. It can be a way to stay grounded and connected to the real world, away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.


While many celebrities may dream of walking the red carpet and living a life of luxury, the reality is that some find themselves working nine to five just like the rest of us. Whether they have left Hollywood behind completely or are balancing a regular job with their acting career, these celebrities are proof that fame and fortune don’t always guarantee a life of leisure.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that celebrities are just like us, with their own struggles and challenges. And whether they like it or not, some celebrities find themselves working nine to five, just trying to make a living like everyone else.

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