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The world of fame and fortune can be a slippery slope for many celebrities, with some of them making poor choices that ultimately lead to legal trouble. Here are some stars who have found themselves behind bars due to their bad decisions.


1. O.J. Simpson – Once a beloved NFL player and actor, O.J. Simpson’s life took a dark turn when he was accused of the double murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Despite being acquitted in a highly publicized trial, Simpson later found himself facing charges of armed robbery and kidnapping, which resulted in a prison sentence.

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2. Mike Tyson – A former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson’s career was marred by numerous legal troubles, including a rape conviction in 1992 that landed him in prison for three years. Tyson’s erratic behavior and drug abuse further contributed to his legal woes, leading to multiple arrests over the years.


3. Lindsay Lohan – Once considered a promising young actress, Lindsay Lohan’s career took a nosedive due to her erratic behavior and legal troubles. Lohan’s multiple DUI arrests, drug charges, and probation violations eventually led to several stints in jail, effectively derailing her acting career.

4. Wesley Snipes – Known for his roles in action films like “Blade” and “Demolition Man,” Wesley Snipes found himself in hot water when he failed to file tax returns for several years. In 2008, Snipes was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to three years in prison, putting a halt to his acting career.

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5. R. Kelly – A once-successful R&B singer, R. Kelly’s career came crashing down when he was charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse and child pornography. Despite denying the allegations, Kelly was found guilty in a high-profile trial and sentenced to several years in prison, effectively ending his music career.

6. Chris Brown – Known for his chart-topping hits and smooth dance moves, Chris Brown’s career was overshadowed by his tumultuous relationship with singer Rihanna. Brown’s violent assault on Rihanna in 2009 led to legal troubles, including probation violations and more assault charges, landing him in jail multiple times.

Overall, these stars serve as cautionary tales for the pitfalls of fame and fortune. Despite reaching the heights of success in their respective industries, their bad decisions ultimately led to legal trouble and tarnished their reputations. It’s a reminder that even the brightest stars can fall from grace if they lose sight of the consequences of their actions.

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