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“Never stop dreaming, asking, and even praying… We must never cease, at any time, to nourish our soul with dreams. The perfect fuel to keep our minds active, to pursue them more and more each day, and to deliver them to the Universe, which will take care of granting them or not. Dreams, which are small particles wandering in our minds and enriching our being. Dream even if today it may seem impossible. But you know, ‘For GOD, nothing is impossible. Have the courage to ask.’ Writing your dreams on paper is a great technique to send to the Universe… Every now and then, read over your requests. It may be that some have already been fulfilled and you didn’t even realize or notice. Value your contact with nature more… It speaks through its animals, birds, clouds, sun, moon, ocean waves, and winds, which carry our thoughts to their final destination: GOD’s Heart. Dreaming of having a luxurious bathroom, or a fabulous wedding dress… No one has ever been punished for dreaming! The sparkle of jewels and the candlelight to illuminate your Soul. Using candles during the day is your touch to brighten up your guests. Toast to life today. Place flowers in your path, in your home, in your life always… And look, here you will always shine! Whether thin, fat, white, black, blonde, brunette, or redhead, tall or short, you came to this world to shine… Use your light and shine forever!”

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1. Nourishing Your Soul with Dreams
2. Sending Your Dreams to the Universe
3. Connecting with Nature
4. Embracing Your Unique Shine

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Summary Lists:

– Keep nourishing your soul with dreams to keep your mind and spirit active.
– Send your dreams to the Universe, whether through writing or prayer.
– Connect with nature to find signs and guidance for your dreams.
– Embrace your unique identity and shine brightly, regardless of external factors.

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