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When it comes to summer hair colors in 2018, there are some trendy shades that our editors just can’t get enough of. From natural-looking highlights to bold, statement-making hues, there’s a color for everyone to rock this season. If you’re looking for some inspiration to update your hair color for the summer, look no further than these current shades that are sure to turn heads.

1. Bronde

One of the hottest hair color trends for summer 2018 is bronde – a beautiful blend of brunette and blonde tones. This versatile shade can be tailored to complement your skin tone and is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance look that still makes a statement. Bronde hair looks stunning with beachy waves and gives off a sun-kissed, natural vibe that’s perfect for summer.

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2. Rose Gold

Rose gold hair has been a popular trend for the past few years, and it’s still going strong in 2018. This soft, metallic shade adds a hint of warmth to your hair and looks gorgeous on all skin tones. Whether you opt for a full head of rose gold or just a few subtle highlights, this trendy color is a perfect choice for summer and will give you a romantic, ethereal look.

3. Platinum Blonde

If you’re feeling bold this summer, why not go for a platinum blonde hair color? This icy, ultra-light shade is sure to make a statement and will have you standing out in a crowd. Platinum blonde hair looks stunning on those with fair skin tones and can be paired with a variety of makeup looks for a striking overall appearance.

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4. Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are a great way to add warmth and dimension to your hair for the summer. Whether you have dark brown hair or light blonde locks, caramel highlights can be customized to suit your natural hair color and skin tone. These sun-kissed highlights will give your hair a beautiful, beachy look that’s perfect for the warmer months.

5. Peachy Pink

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your hair this summer, peachy pink is the way to go. This soft, pastel shade is perfect for those who want to experiment with a fun and playful look. Whether you opt for a full head of peachy pink or just a few streaks, this trendy color is sure to make a statement and have you feeling like a summer goddess.

In conclusion, there are so many gorgeous hair colors to choose from this summer, so don’t be afraid to switch things up and try something new. From subtle highlights to bold, head-turning hues, there’s a color for every style and preference. Whether you opt for bronde, rose gold, platinum blonde, caramel highlights, or peachy pink, you’ll be sure to have a fresh and on-trend look that’s perfect for the warmer months. So go ahead, embrace the summer vibes and update your hair color with one of these current shades for 2018.

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